Switchit’s Digital Business Card — The Sustainable Business Card Solution For Professionals and Teams (Media Kit)

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Like you, we love reading our blog because frankly, it’s the best place to go if you want an inside scope on what we’re cooking up. And believe me when I say, we’ve been cooking! Hopefully, this article will provide some insight into our latest and most ambitious project yet. Thanks for clicking to learn more about Switchit, and we’d love to hear what you think. (Please send emails to team@switchitapp.com)


P.S. You can find all of the images below on Dropbox here 👉https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g9qjpqtai9l7ovg/AABq6juVZWaTcV8y-XjVxL3Oa?dl=0

So What’s Switchit?

From conferences to prospecting, every professional uses business cards to share their contact details while networking, but, these little paper cards were never designed to function outside their static form of text and imagery. After we realized the need, we took it upon ourselves to make the perfect digital business card — providing professionals with a sustainable alternative to paper business cards. In this digital age, people need the ability to share their contact details quickly, market their product or service, while simultaneously connecting their contacts to the integrated systems they use daily.

Say hello to Switchit, a mobile-first Digital Business Card platform that provides professionals and teams with an easy way to share their contact details using beautiful digital business cards that support engaging video content in the actual card, helping you to market your brand, product or service when connecting with people.

“By interconnecting our core features; video, sharing, contact management, storage, reconnecting, in a way where they can operate independently or dependently of one another within a single system framework. The (2nd Gen) Switchit app provides professionals with a new standard of networking while redefining the role paper business cards serve in the digital age,” said Daafram Campbell, CEO, co-founder of Switchit.

We wanted to create an all-encompassing Digital Business Card platform that solved some of the common issues professionals face when needing to reconnect with prospective leads, so we’ve made it easier to schedule follow up meetings from the app with the integration of Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud Calendar. The user interface has been completely redesigned — providing more ways to share a digital business card through SMS text messaging, email, QR code, and social media. We tackled contact management head-on and developed a SMART Contact Manager that automatically saves the contact details of people who receive your card. You can call or text contacts from the app, add new contacts, edit existing contacts, export contacts to your phone’s address book, add notes and view historical data.

Maintaining relationships with every single contact can be difficult without help. Our CRM integration automates the process of you manually having to enter new contact entries into HubSpot or Salesforce. Automatically import enriched contact details directly into your CRM’s Contacts such as the person’s name, phone number, email, title, company, address, website and descriptions.

Switchit now has a dedicated OCR Business Card Scanner to help you digitize your business cards and get rid of all the clutter. Take a photo of any business card with your phone to import the detectable text into a new contact entry in Switchit and your CRM.

But we didn’t stop there.

The development team invested a ton of time improving our video engine and custom templates. These iconic features are what’s at the heart of the Switchit experience. Our native video engine allows you to upload or record 90-second videos from your phone — helping you to leverage the power of storytelling by using engaging video content to help market your brand, product or service in the actual card, making for a great first impression with prospective leads. Tap into our flexible templates to create beautiful digital business cards that truly reflect your brand with custom colors, videos, images, and greeting messages.

“There are numerous digital business card apps in the market but what makes Switchit unique is our continued embrace of video content in the actual card. The future of marketing is shifting towards private messaging and stories within timelines. Our platform enables people with the power to share product, tutorial, and demo videos, alongside their contact details within a dedicated digital business card — helping people drive engagement through storytelling on a level unseen. I believe this is the future of networking and we’re looking to be the leaders in this space.”, said Daafram Campbell, CEO, co-founder of Switchit.

Launch Details

Who Made Switchit?

We’re the team behind Switchit, the leading sustainable Business Card Software solution with more than 100,000 digital business cards shared worldwide.

As a U.S.-based stage startup that lives and breathes mobile technology, we wanted to build the perfect digital business card for professionals and teams to enhance their networking or prospecting experience by providing them with a dynamic way to interact, share interesting content and build stronger professional and personal relationships. We quickly discovered that this was a genuine need for thousands of other iOS and Android fans.

As our most ambitious project, we knew we had to double down on resources and that we couldn’t do it alone, which is why we conducted a successful closed beta with numerous networking, sales, and marketing professionals. Our community is now over 10,000 strong. With their collective feedback, we were able to pull it off and build something meaningful together.

The perfect alternative to paper business cards is here and this is just the beginning. We plan to make Switchit the standard digital business card mobile application used by professionals and teams worldwide. We’d love to have you along for the journey.



Media Kit Goodies — Photos & Videos

You can find all screenshots and marketing assets for Switchit on Dropbox 👉https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g9qjpqtai9l7ovg/AABq6juVZWaTcV8y-XjVxL3Oa?dl=0

Switchit Promo Video


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