Switchit is a "Contactless" alternative to paper business cards.

Our technology transforms the way people network, market and follow up with contacts.


Event Planners

One of the primary reasons people attend events is to network, however, the process of handing out and gathering paper business cards is no fun. Switchit's mobile digital business card app provides attendees with an innovative way to network, share interesting content and build relationships. Our digital business cards give attendees the tools to share their contact details, video content and follow up quickly during, and after the event.

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Growing your network is essential to acquiring new clients. Use Switchit's digital business cards to make great first impressions and build lasting relationships with prospective leads. Share authentic video content to highlight your brand, product or service. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar to make following up a breeze. Move leads through your sales pipeline by syncing contacts from Switchit into HubSpot and Salesforce.

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Sales + Marketing

Align your sales and marketing goals. Use Switchit to boost your marketing efforts by infusing your digital cards with targeted video content, branded graphics or logo. Increase sales by moving prospective contacts/leads through your sales funnel by integrating with your CRM.

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