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We're building the future digital business cards

From conferences to prospecting, every professional uses business cards to share their contact details while networking, but these little cards were never designed to function outside their static form or with system integrations. Our mission is to provide people with a dynamic way to interact, share interesting content and build stronger professional and personal relationships.

Our core values


Create great experiences

Good is the enemy of great. Whether you’re building products, caring for customers or working together, the wow is in the details.


Put customers first

Whether it's a first time entrepreneur, small business or corporation, no customer is too small. Understand it's the customer that makes the product great.


Communicate openly

Leave your ego at the door, and embrace openness. Empathize and be respectful of others. Share candidly, welcome feedback and encourage understanding.


Pitch in

When you take ownership, no job is too small. Go above and beyond to set each other up for success. Stay engaged, be flexible, and do the right thing.

Our team


Daafram Campbell

CEO and co-founder


W. Tammy Robinson

COO and co-founder


Pramesh Jain

CTO, Chief Technology Officer


Desmond Williams

Head of Business Development


Darshini Patel

Head of Product Development


Proudly made in Maryland!

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