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Despite pandemic, Switchit is helping digital conferences come alive, and people network online with contactless digital business cards


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic continues to impact the world, the health and safety of families and communities are at the top of everyone’s mind. The lasting impact of COVID-19 is unclear; however, the effects are far-reaching, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. The pandemic is significantly impacting the global economy, conferences, businesses, and their ability to function.The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended social distancing to prohibit the spread of the virus. While it’s speculated that social distancing will be temporary, unfortunately, many executives have been affected by this crisis and are having to seriously reconsider their company spending. Furthermore, conferences have had to cancel, dramatically impacting people’s ability to network in peer-to-peer settings.

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5 Networking Opportunities You’re Not Taking Advantage Of


With a lot of successful people crediting having and knowing the right people as a huge part of their success, it’s hard to deny just how important networking is. Kevin Granville of The New York Times shares how having a solid and well-rounded network is important in having a good foundation for a vibrant and fruitful career. The more you grow your network, the more doors to new and better opportunities will present themselves to you.To help you build and grow your professional network, here are five networking opportunities you might not have been taking advantage of:

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