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With Switchit Premium, you can engage, manage and automate your sales workflows


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Ditch the stack of business cards

Digitize your business cards and get rid of all the clutter. Take a snapshot of a business card to transcribe the detectable text into a new contact in Switchit and your CRM. Our business card scanner also stores a digital copy of the business card in the app.

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Move leads through your sales pipeline

Sync contacts from Switchit with your existing sales workflows in HubSpot and Salesforce, so you can spend time getting work done, not managing it. Automatically import unique contact data points into your CRM — like name, phone, fax, email, title, company, address, website and descriptions.

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Beautiful templates that are easy and flexible

From custom colors, videos, images and greeting messages, tap into our flexible templates to create elegant digital business cards that truly reflect your brand and make for great first impressions with prospective leads.

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Share your marketing videos

Switchit's built-in video engine allows you to upload or record 90-second videos from your phone — helping you to leverage the power of storytelling by using inspirational and engaging video content to help market your brand, product or service.

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