Goodbye paper business cards. Hello Switchit!

Switchit is ideal for companies, sales & marketing teams, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and event organizers.

Deliver Targeted Content

Give your products, services, or whatever it is you do "Pizzazz". Create multimedia digital business cards with interactive themes supporting dynamic video, audio, branded graphics, your contact information, and social media accounts.

Synchronize Your Account Across Multiple Devices

No matter where you are, your contacts inside the app are always in sync across your devices. Access and manage your contacts from anywhere, on any device, through the on demand Cloud-based web portal.

We Make Following Up a Snap

Keep track of every interaction. Switchit automatically captures and saves the contact information of people you meet, such as their phone number, name, email address, and photo.

In-App Integrations to Help You Do More

No more switching between platforms. Create reminder alerts, schedule meetings, email, jot down notes, upload a person's photo, plus call or text contacts directly from inside the app.

Your Contact Data Is Always Safe

Your trust is very important to us, which is why we stay at the forefront of privacy & security practices. Your information is always safe and backed up in the cloud.

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