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Follow up with contacts by creating reminder alerts


The goal of sharing your contact information with people is to get an opportunity to have a formal meeting, whether in person or virtually. What’s more, following up with contacts is critical to establishing new business relationships. Don’t you wish there was a way to make following up with people easier? Enter Switchit! With traditional paper business cards, the process of exchanging a card and scheduling a follow up meeting can get lost in other priorities. With Switchit, following up can be done in seconds!

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Use Switchit’s business card scanner to add contacts in HubSpot and Salesforce


Business card scanner apps have grown in popularity over recent years. Reason being, no one wants to manually save contact information from a business card to their phone or CRM. Who has time for that! You need an app to help; a business card scanner to keep your contacts organized and paper free. With Switchit’s business card scanner, you can scan business cards to automate new contact entries directly into your CRM.

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