Press: Switchit’s Newly Revealed Video Integration Feature Enables Marketing Beyond the Limitations of Email

Today, Fuzzyatom Labs, Corp., a technology company that builds simple, easy to use social networking products for professionals and teams, announced an innovative new feature in Switchit for iOS and Android – the first ever multimedia digital business card (for mobile devices) supporting video and audio.

“Our mantra has always been, the best interactions are the ones that happen again”.

After launching an easy to use contact sharing platform in November 2016, Switchit revamped its value proposition and mission. Through the power of video, the application provides companies, professionals, sales and marketing teams, an innovative way to share targeted content with the right people at the right time.

Of the company’s recent success, Switchit’s Chief Operating Officer/Co-founder W. Tammy Robinson said, “Our mantra has always been, the best interactions are the ones that happen again. Now, we are on a mission to make one-on-one connections memorable and in doing so, companies, marketers, and teams need the capability to share great content once an in-person conversation begins.” Research shows leads nurtured with targeted content increase sales opportunities by more than 20%. Traditionally, a business card has been the first formal introduction of one’s brand. In paper form, a business card is very limited in its functionality; but when you integrate video, the possibilities become enormous.

While exploring psychological and marketing triggers, Switchit realized the following:

People want to be remembered. The use of video is an ideal way for marketers to grab people’s attention and communicate their story in a personal, more direct way.

By making Switchit a dedicated multimedia utility, interactions and expected outcomes beforehand can be carefully thought-out, crafted, customized, and tweaked – putting the power of great one-on-one interactions in the hands of the user.

About Switchit.: Switchit, a free iOS and Android app, is a multimedia digital business card for professionals and teams with in-app support for video, audio, and graphics. Switchit helps you make lasting first impressions, market what makes you unique, nurture leads and grow your business.

Our Mission:
To help people make lasting first impressions.

Our Slogan:
Meet. Connect. Share

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