Introducing Switchit Auto-Capture, an Innovative Way to Save Phone Numbers

What if your phone was intelligent enough to automatically save the phone numbers of people you network with into a dedicated contact list? Wouldn’t that be great!

Trying to remember, keep track, and attach a face to a contact’s phone number can be exhausting and tedious. There are various applications that allow you to manage this process but most require a manual touch such as scanning a business card into your CRM or messaging yourself the person’s number.

Well, relief is in sight!

Switchit’s Auto-Capture feature performs two tasks simultaneously. First, when you share your digital business card with people, the contact information associated with your card is imported into the address book of the recipient’s phone. Secondly, the app automatically saves the recipient’s name and phone number to your list of contact’s inside the app. If the recipient is also a Switchit user, the app will automatically save their name, phone number, email address and photo.

This feature was built to free people from having to manually save phone numbers. By streamlining the exchange of contact data – reconnecting with people is now easier than ever.

Your Feedback

Over the coming months, you’ll see new features and integration, including many features designed for teams and businesses. We’ll also continue to make improvements to our user experience.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please email us at with any suggestions.

Feel free to give the app a try! Thanks for reading, and thanks for using Switchit!

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