Guest Blog: Conquering the Mid-day Slump

Crazy that 2017 is here with one month down and in full swing.

You set your resolutions, planned your day to day around your new goals and woke up early every morning and something is still off? Like let’s be real you feel accomplished and like the big dog now that you’ve gotten a consistent routine but if you are doing everything right… why are you still tired? Not necessarily craving coffee but in need of caffeine? And STILL staving off the mid-day slump?

You know that hazy time in the middle of your work day that smacks you out of nowhere, leaving you in search for a nap time hide out. It’s even worse when it disrespectfully interrupts your workday flow (this morning you were insanely productive!), forcing you to take your mental efforts off work and instead focus on the battle against shuteye.

Let me start by saying this is completely normal! It’s not you; it’s more than likely your circadian rhythms throwing you off. Known as our sleep signals they peak at night and in the afternoon. In addition, other more modern environmental factors (screen time, food choices and hydration levels) may play apart as well.

I know it seems simple enough but seriously if you are not getting enough sleep to begin with of course your body is going to force feed sleep into your day.

Luckily, this is preventable. Every action leading to the point of naptime desire will make an impact.

So first, did you get enough sleep? I know it seems simple enough but seriously if you are getting enough sleep to begin with of course your body is going to force feed sleep into your day. Work on getting enough hours, they say 7.5 hours is optimal amount. If you really just can’t commit to that create sleep opportunities in 1.5-hour increments. For example, if 7.5 hour doesn’t work, shoot for 6 hours. If that’s still pushing it, shoot for 4.5 hours. These intervals will allow you to go through all of the cycles of REM and allow you to wake up feeling rested.

Second, what did you eat or did you even eat breakfast? If you didn’t eat… stop. Do not pass go. I’m not here to preach that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” but I will say you must fuel yourself or you will crash. For those that did, what did it consist of? I’ll be honest, a bagel or croissant or just a coffee won’t cut it. You need a protein with unprocessed carbs (hash or fruit smoothies work) and some veggies.

Third, what did you eat or did you even eat lunch? If you didn’t eat, same principles stand as the same for not eating breakfast, shame on you. If you did, try opting for more protein and less carbs and an overall smaller portion. Yes, I get it; you are busy and want to “hold yourself over” until your next meal. That doesn’t mean bulk up on foot longs. Try some grilled chicken and veggies, you’ll feel full without feeling heavy and ready for sleep.

Last, are you staying hydrated? Most of us aren’t. Drink up and see how refreshed you feel.

Those were a few things you should implement day in and day out to fight the sleep. Here are a few quick fix tips…

  1. Turn Up: Energize yourself by plugging in and listening to some of your favorite music.
  2. Workout: Think about the feeling after a workout. You feel refreshed and revived and ready to conquer the world. Bring that into the office and watch your performance shoot through the roof.
  3. Chew Gum: Studies have shown chewing on gum can fight the effects of sleep deprivation.
  4. Get Away From the Screen: Give your eyes a break. Get some space between you and your screen by creating safe distance. You can also try writing things down versus typing everything up.
  5. Take A Break: Take a fiver and relax. Stop thinking about work for a few, when your mind needs a break it can manifest into physical exhaustion as well.
  6. Move Around: Inspire yourself by changing your environment. Whether that’s sitting in a different area of the office, setting up a walking meeting or working remotely for the afternoon. Change it up.
  7. Nap it Out: Yes, go for the tried and true power nap. When you wake up, kill it.
  8. Green Tea: Drink this in place of coffee. Since it has less caffeine you won’t have to worry about throwing off your nightly sleep pattern but definitely benefit from an extra boost of energy.
  9. Snack Time: Sometimes you just need more energy; food is energy. Eat that.

Guest blog post written by:
Nicolette Graves

Nicolette Graves is the founder of Niktrition, a health and wellness platform that provides instant access to nutrition based health education courses, workshops, and other materials, along with personalized support to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Unlike traditional online wellness initiatives, Niktrition offers a combination of science, realness, empowerment, and convenience with every step, just like you deserve. Learn more at

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