We believe interactions should be memorable.

Our Mission

To make one-on-one connections memorable.

At Switchit, we start our day with a nice hot cup of coffee and then set off to solve the biggest problem in one-on-one connections. People want to be remembered. Companies and start-ups want to introduce, educate, and pique potential customers interest in their products and services. Business professionals and entrepreneurs struggle to tell a compelling story of what it is they do and make potential customers want to learn more.

Throughout the history of business, great first impressions and paper business cards have been synonymous. A business card is the first impression a person has of your brand and is key to establishing a strong and lasting relationship with potential customers. Our mission at Switchit, is to make one-on-one connections memorable. Today we provide the most sophisticated interactive digital business card in the industry. We want people to easily manage one-on-one connections, drive engagement, market their brand’s story, and grow their business.

How We’re Different

Switchit® flexes with your core message and networking objectives through integrated multimedia features paired with dedicated networking tools. We provide an intuitive way to share targeted content, nurture leads, and close more sales.

We Care About the Environment

We actually like clean air, non-polluted water, and lush beautiful trees. We love the Earth! In the United States, paper comprises 50% of business waste, 33% of municipal waste and 25% of waste going to landfills. In landfills, paper decomposes releasing methane gas that is 20 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. That’s not good.

Switchit is an eco-friendly alternative to paper business cards. Go green, save the trees, cut cost, and continue being awesome!

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